46 CFR Subchapter M

What is 46 CFR Subchapter "M"?

The Coast Guard proposes to establish safety regulations governing the inspection, standards, and safety management systems of towing vessels.

The proposal includes provisions covering: Specific electrical and machinery requirements for new and existing towing vessels, the use and approval of third-party auditors and surveyors, and procedures for obtaining Certificates of Inspection.

Without making a specific proposal at this time, the Coast Guard also seeks additional data, information and public comment on potential requirements for hours of service or crew endurance management for mariners aboard towing vessels. The Coast Guard would later request public comment on specific hours of service or crew endurance management regulatory text if it seeks to implement such requirements.

The intent of the proposed rulemaking is to promote safer work practices and reduce casualties on towing vessels by requiring that towing vessels adhere to prescribed safety standards and safety management systems or to an alternative, annual Coast Guard inspection regime. The Coast Guard promulgates this proposal in cooperation with the Towing Vessel Safety Advisory Committee and pursuant to the authority granted in section 415 of the Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation Act of 2004.

United States Coast Guard 46 CFR Subchapter "M"

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